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You may recall that [ profile] tetleythesecond, who is as sharp as the sword of Gryffindor, guessed which story I wrote for HP Beholder. As a result, she won a drabble from my pen.

Among her fascinating prompts were these:

-- Adela/her 'inamoratta'
-- Any mini-moment from one of your fics (on or off-scene), told from a different POV (like Severus or Minerva in "Witness" or the Adela stories …, Minerva in "Mutability," Amelia in "Still Waters" …)

I decided to combine these two, although I hope Tetley won't mind that I haven't actually written a "mini-moment" from the stories themselves. It's more like a "mini-sequel" -- but it is from a different pov.

The following drabble is set in what the lovely [ profile] celta_diabolica has called "the Adela-verse." It takes place a few years after the events of the earlier Adela stories, My Journal. . . and Now That I'm Older. (FYI -- These stories feature a young American girl whose next-door neighbors, a mysterious British couple named Miranda and Stephen, bear a striking resemblance to characters many of us know as Minerva and Severus.)

Now, perhaps you'll want to argue that this ficlet should not, technically, be called a drabble, since a drabble by definition consists of exactly one hundred words, neither more nor less. I'll admit straight off that this story violates the "more" part of that equation. But if you'll allow me to argue that in some circumstances, a drabble may contain 888 words, then what we have here is indeed a drabble, for it contains exactly 888 words, neither more nor less.

Inamorata )
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Most of you on my flist have already seen this story, but I wanted to post it here for personal-LJ posterity.

My contribution to last year's Severus Big Bang 50th Birthday Bash was a journal: 'My Journal About My Life and Stephen and Miranda,' by Adela. For Severus's 51st birthday, Adela wrote a sequel. Here it is:

Title: "'Now That I'm Older' by Adela"
Author: [profile] kellychambliss
Pairing: Severus/Minerva
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 10,100
Summary: Adela Edwards has turned 13, and now that she's so much older, she sees the world and Stephen and Miranda a little differently from the way she did last summer. AU (Severus lives)
Big Thank-You: I cannot tell you how much my superb beta did -- and on very short notice -- to improve this story. If I were wearing all of Dobby's hats, I'd take off every single one of them to [personal profile] therealsnape.


Now That I'm Older )
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Title: "My Journal About My Life and Stephen and Miranda" by Adela
Author: [ profile] kellychambliss
Pairing: Minerva/Severus
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Adela Edwards is a 12-year-old Muggle who wants to be a writer. When a mysterious couple named Stephen and Miranda moves in next door to her, she decides to keep a journal about them. Bewitched meets Harriet the Spy. Post-DH

This story was written on the occasion of Severus Snape's fiftieth birthday -- January 9, 2010. It's a little happier than my usual angsty fare, but as I say, it was for the man's birthday. I gave him the day off from suffering. Well, mostly. And many thanks to my generous beta [ profile] therealsnape, without whom everything I wrote would be much worse.

Adela's Journal, Part 1 )

On to Part 2


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