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Reveals have gone up at Remix Redux 2015 and Remix Madness 2015, and now I can lay claim to the following fics:

1. My official "Remix Redux" was a Star Trek: Voyager story for Miri Cleo, a writer new to me whose fic list offered a wonderful cornucopia of stories featuring Captain Janeway. I debated between remixing her fine, angsty Janeway/Crusher story, To Uncreate a Memory, but finally I couldn't resist lure of returning to one of my favorite VOY pairings, Janeway/Seven. Cleo's story is from Janeway's pov; my remix offers Seven's view. The result:

Penchant (The "Poetry" Remix) (Janeway/Seven; PG; ~1500 words). (With many thanks to my fine beta-reader and VOY friend of old, [ profile] aabbey)

Here's Cleo's original: Poetry (Janeway/Seven; PG; ~600 words)

2. For Remix Madness, I did a very short remix of an atmospheric little piece by [ profile] astrogirl2. Her's is from SS's pov; mine is from MM's.

The Taking of a Toast and Tea (the "Rest for the Weary" Remix) (Minerva/Severus; G; 318 words)

I think of it as taking place in the "Adela" universe (stories here and here), but you don't need to have read either of those stories to enjoy the remix.

Here is AstroGirl's original: Rest for the Weary (Minerva/Severus; G; 330 words).

I was lucky enough to receive two excellent Remix gifts; I can now reveal their authors:

Older and Wiser (Wilhelmina/Irma) was written by Epikoinos.

Like Nobody's Watching (Janeway/Paris) was written by Syrena of the Lake.

Both of these writers are new to me. I'm off now to read everything they have written!

If you get a chance, check out all the HP remixes at Redux and Madness -- fun reads all.
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The reveals have been posted at Remix Redux 11, and now I can claim my fic:

Title: Conversations With Yourself
Author: [ profile] kellychambliss
Characters: Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore, Moaning Myrtle, Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1750
Summary: In his head, Severus talks to himself about life and death, Potter and Draco, souls and Sectumsempra.

This story is a remix of an excellent fic by [ profile] lunabee34 called Conversations With the Dead. It's short -- 600 words -- but it made a real impression on me, especially the last line. The original is told from Draco's pov; my remix is from Severus's.

My thanks, as always, to that best of beta readers, [ profile] therealsnape

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Conversations With Yourself )
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[info]femslash_remix has posted its master list. It was a dandy little fest, with an excellent range of pairings, some fabulous remixes, and three Minerva stories. Here's the one I wrote:

Title: The Good Life (A Remix of "It Takes Two")
Author: [profile] kellychambliss
Rating: R
Pairing: Minerva McGonagall/Rita Skeeter
Word count: ~2000
Summary: On the third Wednesday of every month, Minerva McGonagall and Rita Skeeter have an appointment at the Hog's Head Tavern.
Warnings: lack of plausibility -- or so Minerva and Rita would prefer you to think.
Original story, creator, and link: It Takes Two by [personal profile] miss_morland


The Good Life )
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Here is my second entry in Remix Madness 2012. The original story, [personal profile] woldy's Escape Routes for a Stormy Night, was one of the standouts of the 2011 [info]hp_beholder fest, and I was delighted to have the chance to revisit both the excellent fic and the great pairing: Poppy Pomfrey/Amelia Bones.

The original contains a brief section about the colours Poppy uses to paint the house she buys with Amelia, and it's this section that gave me my point of entry for the remix. I gave Poppy a "condition" that I share: synasthesia, or the involuntary neurological understanding of one physical sense in terms of another. I don't know if synasthesia works quite the way I have it work in the story -- that is, to have a neurological link between colour and emotion -- but I liked the idea, so I went with it. As Arthur Conan Doyle said, when told that nearly all the racing details he'd included in "Silver Blaze" were wrong, "well, sometimes [a writer] must be masterful." I prefer to be "mistressful," but the idea is the same.

Although synasthesia can involve several different senses, my own version of it is a fairly common one: I see letters and numbers in color. Each letter and digit has its own consistent color, no matter what word or string of numbers it appears in. Like Poppy in the story, when I was a kid, I thought everyone saw the world this way, and I was astounded to learn that no one else I knew did.

Synasthesia hasn't been widely studied, but so far, there doesn't seem to be any particular medical benefit or drawback to the condition. For myself, I think it's helped make me a really strong speller: once I've seen a word a couple of times, I rarely misspell it, because if I do, I can spot the error pretty quickly: the word is not the right color.

Well. On to the story --

Title: Colour My World
Remix of: Escape Routes for a Stormy Night by [personal profile] woldy
Author: [ profile] kellychambliss
Pairing: Poppy Pomfrey/Amelia Bones
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1890
Summary: To Poppy Pomfrey, her colours are not a "condition." They're the sum of her world.

Thank you, [personal profile] woldy, for this wonderful story and for all your femmeslash.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Colour My World )
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[ profile] thistlerose's fine story Even After All These Years was one of the first (perhaps even the first) Minerva/Alastor fic that I read, and it converted me to the pairing instantly. I've reread it frequently, both for the IC characters and for the pleasure of lines like these: the shiver keeps its talons hooked in her shoulders and He grins. It's not a pleasant grin – more like a seam coming undone than anything approximating a smile – but it's comforting in its familiarity.

When I saw Thistlerose (whom I had the fun of meeting at the Fangirls' Frolic last October) listed as one of the authors who'd given permission for her fics to be remixed, I knew at once that I was going to take on "Even After All These Years." Here's the result.

Title: Purple Lace
Remix of: Even After All These Years by [ profile] thistlerose
Author: [ profile] kellychambliss
Pairing: Minerva McGonagall/Alastor Moody
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1300
Summary: After Alastor Moody invites Minerva McGonagall to "take inventory," he takes one of his own.

Thanks, [personal profile] woldy, for the generous and helpful beta and for encouraging me to give remixing a try. And thank you, Thistlerose, for a) writing such a fine original and b) letting me play with your stories.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Purple Lace )


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