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Day 7

In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something.

This is a job for. . .Minerva Doll!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Polar Vortex )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In her chilly rooms, Minerva quickly put on her warmest robes ), but even before she finished fastening her shoes, it was clear that these clothes would be insufficient. So she unpacked the winter cloak her grandmother had made her ), which, in addition to being lovely, had warming charms knitted directly into the design. Grandmother had always felt that it was bad for your health to wear outside clothes indoors, but Minerva was a firm believer in the notion that circumstances altered cases. And just now, the circumstance of imminent hypothermia seemed to justify even wearing the cloak to bed, if she'd wanted to.

For good measure, she added a cosy hat and muffler ) and took up her wand to cast a moveable warming charm around herself.

Her green shoes, though elegant, proved ill-suited to the cold, so she replaced them with a pair of hardy, fur-lined boots ).

Finally, she was ready to brave the corridors.

She conducted her usual pre-term check of the castle, but by mid-afternoon, Hogwarts was so cold that everyone had herded into the Great Hall. Only the Hall's eight giant, roaring fireplaces could make a dent in the chill, for the outdoor thermometer now read -20C. Luckily, the students weren't due back for another two days, but the staff looked miserable.

Minerva faced them. "Clearly, we cannot open the school until Filius and the others have found a way to cancel this rogue freezing spell. So I strongly suggest that all of you leave here tonight. Extend your holiday; go somewhere warm, outside the Vortex. As long as you keep expenses to a minimum, I'm sure I can persuade the Board to assume your travel costs. Since Hagrid and I are the source of the cold at Hogwarts, we will stay to look after things here."

No one lost any time in hurrying out of the Great Hall; even the eight huge fires were barely keeping the frigid air at bay. Soon only Rolanda Hooch remained.

"You, too, Ro. Haven't the Harpies started off-season training in the Bahamas? You could spend a few days there. Where it's warm."

Rolanda grinned. "I know of the perfect warm place, Headmistress," she said. "Our bed. With a few perpetual hot-water bottles and my Magic-Heat comforter, we'll be fine." She paused meaningfully, and then continued, "We'll have to take our clothes off, of course. It's a scientific fact that you share body warmth more efficiently when naked."

Minerva raised an eyebrow. "A scientific fact, is it?"

"Oh, yeah. Surprised you don't know that, Miss I-Took-a-Transfiguration-Science-First-at-Bridgeford-University."

"Well, then," said Minerva, beginning to smile. "Let's put that scientific training to good use. You have a hypothesis about the most efficient way to share body warmth. We need to test that hypothesis with a good experiment, don't you think?"

Ro's grin widened. "In other words, get naked in bed?"

"Madam Hooch, those are hardly scientific terms. I suggest we arrange a situation in which we can monitor galvanic skin response."

Ro snorted, but Minerva ignored her and extended an arm. "May I escort you to the laboratory?"

Arm in arm, they headed out of the Great Hall and up the chilly stairs.

Cold or no cold, Minerva was looking forward to getting down to her scanties ).

Then she and Rolanda would create a little vortex all their own.
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Day 5

In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing.

What a perfect way for me to combine the Snowflake Challenge with a personal project dear to me: documenting the lovely Minerva doll knitted for me by [ profile] talesofsnape.

So [ profile] talesofsnape is my creator of choice for this challenge. Not only does she write fine fan fiction of her own, but she moderates the [info]one_bad_man comm, AND she is exceptionally talented as a knitter and designer. To wit. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Poppy Has a New Year's Idea. . . )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The following Saturday found Minerva in her rooms, looking at the new clothing spread on her bed. "You don't expect to do 'downward dog' in your teaching robes, do you?" Rolanda had demanded a few days earlier. "You'll need proper yoga gear, Min."

Downward Dog? Poppy had never told her that yoga included dogs. Her cat senses began to bristle.

"I don't -- " Minerva had begun, but Rolanda had waved her away. "Leave it to me," she said. "I'll get you the perfect outfit."

Since she and Rolanda did not always share the same notion of "perfect," it was not without some trepidation that Minerva unwrapped the box from Runhard's Sports Shoppe. But she needn't have feared: Ro had done her proud. The yoga outfit looked both comfortable and decorous, and it appeared to have nothing to do with dogs.

Quickly, Minerva donned the light green yoga top and. . .bloomers ), she supposed they would be called. Such a restful colour, and very comfortable indeed, as were the sensible work-out shoes.

But she drew the line at walking the corridors in this kit. Minerva considered herself a strong femiwitch, and of course she had no objection to the idea of women wearing trousers, no matter how the practice might have been frowned upon in her youth. Still, she believed that the Head of Hogwarts, male or female, had a standard of dignity to maintain (no star-spangled purple robes during her tenure as headmistress, thank you) -- a standard that did not really allow for yoga clothes outside of a yoga studio.

Luckily, Rolanda knew her well (after all, they'd been together for thirty years) and had provided a lovely matching skirt ). As for covering up her top, here was the perfect opportunity to wear the beautiful green over-robe ) that Rolanda had knitted her for Christmas. It came as a surprise to many people that Rolanda relaxed by knitting, but over the years, all her friends (not to mention her lover) had received the gorgeous results of Ro's down-time. Minerva, who had little patience for such delicate work, was in awe of Rolanda's skill with elegant details )

Suitably garbed at last, Minerva left her quarters to head for the "exercise studio" that Poppy had established in an empty classroom. The mirrors for the walls, the exercise barre, and the large pile of yoga mats, blocks, and balls had turned out to be less expensive than Minerva had feared; the "supplies" budget had covered the cost easily.

The yoga shoes hugged her feet without pinching, the bloomers provided welcome warmth against the chill of the season, and Minerva found herself actually looking forward to the chance to stretch her muscles and cleanse her mind and to help students do the same. This yoga plan might be a good idea of Poppy's after all.

Just as long as it didn't involve any dogs.
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Being the further adventures of my wonderful Minerva doll, a gift from dear [ profile] talesofsnape. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Put on your gladdest of glad rags," said Severus Snape to Minerva McGonagall as they sat by themselves in the staffroom. "I'm taking you out for a nice Christmas dinner."

"Christmas was yesterday, Severus," she pointed out. "We already had a nice Christmas dinner here at the castle."

He snorted. "I don't consider any dinner 'nice' that involves A, Umbridge the toad; B, a bevy of snot-nosed brats; and C, paper hats from Albus's absurd crackers. We're going out for an adult dinner as far from here as we can Apparate in one jump. I've booked a table in Aberdeen." He paused. "And a room."

"A room?" Minerva raised an eyebrow. "You seem rather sure of your luck tonight, Mr Snape."

"I think it is you who will be the lucky one, Miss McGonagall," he said, rising and billowing towards the door. "Be ready at eight."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back in her rooms, Minerva dressed with care. She started by donning Severus's Christmas present )

"As much a present for you as for me," she'd said when she'd opened it, and he'd smirked.

"You expect something less from a Slytherin?" he'd asked.

It would serve him right if she didn't wear it, she thought, but then relented. It had been a hard year for both of them; a little relaxation wouldn't come amiss.

She even toyed with the idea of wearing her thigh-high boots ), but then decided against them. She didn't want to appear too eager, after all. Let him put a little effort into seducing her.

Besides, she had the perfect alternative to the boots. It was a Christmas dinner, wasn't it? What could be more suitable than red shoes? ) They were quite comfortable, and their little decorative buttons ) were the perfect touch for a romantic evening.

And if they had the side benefit of also being Gryffindor-coloured, well, so much the better.

For the sake of decorum, she added her favourite green skirt ) and topped off the ensemble with her warmest dressy coat ), the one with the lovely pearl buttons and exquisite detailing.

And since the weather in Aberdeen in December was decidedly more than brisk, she thought it prudent to add a warm scarf.

Its colours, again, were appropriate to the season. Severus would appreciate the symbolism. On several levels.

At eight o'clock precisely, her wards announced his arrival.

"Ready?" he asked, his sharp eyes narrowing as he took in her outfit.

'Ready,' she said. )
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(Day Two of the Great Minerva Doll Present from [ profile] talesofsnape)

During their summer holiday on Mykonos, Rolanda asked Minerva if she felt like "a little physical exercise." I believe the headmistress thought that Ro meant. . .well, some private exercise. She was sadly mistaken, however; Rolanda meant something else entirely.

In no time, Minerva found herself wearing some (rather comfortable, she had to confess) Muggle clothing known as a tennis dress and tennis shoes ) and holding something apparently called a "tennis racquet."

She was not very successful with the racquet at first. But then she realised that one could play tennis using the same sorts of moves one used when duelling with a wand.

After that, she did quite well indeed, and as Rolanda conceded the match, I think it's very probable that she was sorry she'd suggested this new sport. At any rate, they didn't play tennis the next afternoon. They chose an indoor sport instead.


Dec. 10th, 2013 10:37 pm
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Remember the scene in Deathly Hallows, where Harry sees that Luna has painted her bedroom walls with pictures of him and Hermione and the others and has linked the portraits with with the word "friends" written thousands of times?

Well, I feel like Luna -- I want to write "friends" about a million times, because I have the best ones in the world. And if you're skeptical about that claim, just wait until you hear what some of them have done for me.

The utterly fabulous [ profile] talesofsnape has made me one of the best presents I've ever received. The amount of creativity and talent and amazing hard work he put into this gift have touched and humbled me (it must have taken her hours upon hours). When I opened the box she sent, it was like getting my Hogwarts letter: sheer, thrilling magic.

What did she send me? A hand-knitted Minerva doll with an entire beautifully-designed and detailed wardrobe to go with her. I felt like a child again, as excited by a doll and her clothes as I'd been at age ten.

I can't keep such riches to myself, so I will share Minerva and her lovely clothes with you, one or two delightful pictures as day -- like an Advent calendar of Minervas.

Here's Minerva in her pearl-trimmed slip )

And she has pearl-trimmed knickers, too! Look! )

Check out her spectacles )

(I also want to thank [ profile] therealsnape, who took the trouble to mail the package to me.)

[ profile] talesofsnape, I'm simply ecstatic over this treasure. "Thank you" is inadequate, but be assured, it's heart-felt.


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