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Mar. 9th, 2016 08:12 pm
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It was 75 degrees F in Rural Hamlet today! Of course, karma being what it is, this news is not all to the good. The warm weather means that the hated boxwood beetles are back in force. I'm going to have the boxwood tree taken down even if I have to chop it myself. But still, it's lovely to see spring starting. Might as well enjoy one of the few perks of climate change while we can.

And as Tennyson said, "in spring a fangirl's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of fic." He did say it. Really. Well, something close, at any rate.

So what's up with me and fandom?

I've signed up for the Leviosa Con in Las Vegas in July. Yep, paid my money and everything (not for the posh registration, just the regular). I hope to get some academic travel money from my school since I will be giving a presentation. It should be such fun. I've attended only one other con, DiaCon Alley in Canterbury, UK, in 2011, and it was one of the best trips of my life.

Plus, I'm working on my fic for the [info]daily_deviant tenth birthday celebration. 1000 words so far!

Here are a few of the HP fanfics I've read and enjoyed recently:

From [info]hp_goldenage (the main characters need to be over 50):

Love and Other Forms of Chaos by Anonymous (Millicent/Hermione; NC-17)

I love when stories about smart Hermione are smart themselves, and this one is very smart indeed. And well-characterized. And hot. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

In Celebration of New Friendships by Anonymous (Minerva, ensemble; PG)

I have quite a soft spot for quiet, reflective, well-characterized fics like this one. The setting: Post-DH. The premise: Minerva is asked to be godmother to Albus Severus Potter. All the cameos are a delight, particularly Hermione and Horace. And Minerva is spot-on.

From [info]daily_deviant:

For What We Yearn by [ profile] purplefluffycat (Albus/Gellert, Bellatrix/Voldemort; NC-17)

Beautifully and thoughtfully dark, with the clever, inventive, thematically relevant use of magic that PFC does so well.

How about a piece of beautiful HP art? Try Harry Potter Stained Glass by Nenuiel.

An HP rose window! With extra panels. Featuring just about everyone. And creatures. And the Hallows. A triumph.

Oh, one last thing -- author sign-ups have opened at [info]hp_podfic_fest. You can offer your fics to be read aloud as a podcast. I've been lucky enough to have several of my stories recorded, and each one has been a total gem. You don't have to do a podfic to offer your stories, but if you've been thinking of recording something, do it!

Author sign-ups are here.
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Wot Sux

--I think my freezer is going on the blink. On Sunday, the ice cream was hard. On Monday, the ice cream was not so hard. Today, the ice cream was quite soft. In my experience, ice cream is always a reliable canary when it comes to freezer problems. I'm hoping that maybe I just need some more air circulation. I've thrown out the ice-furred lima beans and the baggies of leftovers of uncertain vintage. And I ate all the ice cream (it was my duty, as part of Project Freezer Repair). So there's more room in there now. Gods of the universe? Do you hear me? Make it be airflow problems, okay?

--American politics. Here's the best article I've read yet on Trump's frightening and rapid rise. As with most social phenomena, there's no one single explanation. There's always a complex cluster of causes.

What's worst about Trumpism is not just Trump himself, or the huge number of supporters he seems to have, or even the fact that many Republican party leaders have admitted in public that they find Trump a dangerous demagogue and yet intend to support him anyway if he is the GOP nominee. . .it's the fact that, as this article shows, he's probably just a symptom of a larger worrisome trend that will continue even if he eventually loses.

(NB -- I usually try to steer clear of politics in my fandom journal, but the issues here go beyond simple political opinion. We're facing a significant moral crisis of national leadership. Staying silent is no longer an option for me. Feel free to defriend me until November, if you like! Not that I intend to rant on a daily basis, mind you. But I can't swear that I won't get the call again.)

Wot Don't

--I went to see Maggie Smith in The Lady in the Van over the weekend. It's not a perfect film, but it's a fun one to watch, and Smith has rarely been better. The things she can do with merely a glance or a single inflection. . .astounding. 81 years old and still at the top of her game.

--Friending meme at [info]daily_deviant

art by [personal profile] twilightsorcery

--the Salt-and-Pepper Fest at [info]hp_goldenage has begun posting.

Its first entry is a lovely piece of art --

Passing the Trowel by Anonymous (Pomona, Neville)
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Here's some excellent art from the ongoing Snape Fest [info]severus_snape:

Crooks and Books by Anonymous (Crookshanks and the legs of Severus/Hermione; PG)
A clever and light-hearted view of a romantic relationship. You'll love Snape's trousers and Hermione's books.

Last Year by Anonymous (Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore; G)
A strong visual representation of the relationship between Snape and Dumbledore during the Half-Blood Prince year. Their expressions and postures speak volumes, as does the light/shadow.

Hitting the Mark by Anonymous (Severus Snape, Eileen Prince Snape; G)
This art tells a story in itself -- the moment Eileen finds that Severus wears the Mark. The perspective and their fierce expressions (Severus's defiant, Eileen's angry and resigned) make for a powerful moment.

Master Brewer by Anonymous (Severus; G)
I always enjoy pictures of Severus at work, especially when we see his care and precision and the pleasure (Snape-style, of course) he takes in it.

The next rec is not from the Snape Fest, but it's glorious. I am going to print this out and put it on my bulletin board at work. ALBUS AND MINERVA AS RAPPERS. Check out Min's tattoo.

Fresh Dumbldore feat. MC Gonagall by Champagner. (Albus, Minerva, G)
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The holiday fest season always brings some superior HP fanart. Here are a few of my favorites:

From [info]hoggywartyxmas:

Forever in My Heart by Anonymous (Minerva/Albus; nothing graphic, but probably not totally work-safe).
I love Minerva's wry fondness and Albus's protectiveness. And Min's hair! (not to mention her general older-woman sexiness)

Blue China by Anonymous (Severus, Mystery Woman; G)
The warm, primary colors are comforting and cozy. You can feel the heat of the fire and smell the hot chocolate.

From [info]mini_fest:

Chill in the Air by Anonymous (Severus; G)
This art is the opposite of "Blue China": instead of heat, you'll feel the icy bite of the north wind -- a perfect setting for Severus in the Great Beyond.

And from the always-excellent [ profile] kit466 comes yet another fabulous picture of Minerva. Kit is one of my very favorite McGonagall artists, and when you see the sharp, stern elegance of this spot-on portrait, you'll understand why.

Minerva McGonagall by [ profile] kit466 (G).
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The ever-fabulous [ profile] tjs_whatnot has written a wonderful fic for me as part of the comment-fest at [info]daily_deviant. In just 1000 words, she's given us smoking-hot, kinky Minerva/Hooch that also offers excellent characterization and setting. (Character will always be my favorite kink, and TJ doesn't disappoint). Read it now! You won't be disappointed, either.

Good to Be Scottish by [ profile] tjs_whatnot (Minerva/Rolanda, 1000 words, NC-17)

I've also managed to catch up on [info]mini_fest, so here are some of my favorites from that fun fest:

A Part of Yesterday by Anonymous (Severus/Petunia; NC-17)
I just love this -- my favorite story of the fest so far. It's poignant and sadly plausible .and well-characterized and filled with inventive magic. Great ending.

This Year's For Me and You by Anonymous (Remus/Sirius; R)
A well-characterized epistolary story. The voices of teenaged Sirius and Remus ring true.

A Pair of Brass Cufflinks by Anonymous (Remus/Sirius; PG)
Another fun, well-characterized story of teen Marauders being teen Marauders. . .(if they'd been teen Marauders who weren't the bullies of canon, that is).

I've already recced this fine art, but I think I had it in a flocked post. So I thought I'd repost the rec here, so the the artist can maybe get a well-deserved Hot Rec at the Daily Snitch:

Snowed In by Anonymous (Minerva/Severus, G)
A beautiful, calm holiday scene.
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I wish you all a Happy Halloween, even if you (like I) think the whole Halloween business (and I do mean "business") has become pretty overdone in recent years.

I'll be spending the evening grading papers and handing out candy to the kiddies (not that many come around these days).

But first, I have an exciting day planned: a visit to a big box store to purchase paper towels.

AND, some real excitement:

[info]hp_halloween is posting all day -- a fun stream of 200-word drabbles. Several fine ones have already appeared.

Plus, here's an art rec: [ profile] akatnamedeaster has posted wonderful Halloween greetings. Check it out:

The Best HP Halloween Art EVER


Jun. 30th, 2015 01:35 pm
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Over at the Comment Fest currently running at [info]severus_fest, I left the following prompt: "Afterward. Interpret this any way you like: after dinner, after sex, after the war, after a summons from Voldy, etc."

This prompt has been wonderfully filled by the talented [ profile] shadowycat. Check out the excellent art:

Afterward (Severus Snape; G)
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The lovely [ profile] shadowycat has created fabulous art for me, and you need to go look at it NOW. It will be your head canon forever. When [ profile] shadowycat requested art prompts, I asked for Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank with her pipe, and here she is to the very life. You can tell that she's just the sort of no-nonsense, intelligent, kind, fun person that you'd love to know. Thank you, [ profile] shadowycat!
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Back in the day (i.e., my early days of fandom), there were several fests dedicated to Severus Snape: [info]snapelyholidays, [info]snapecase, and a few others. I really enjoyed them: they always had a range of interesting pairings and interesting takes on Snape; I liked seeing the different but plausible versions of his character. Sadly, those fests died, and for a while, we had no Snape-centric exchanges.

But everything old is new again, and now we have the excellent [info]severus_fest, run by that wonderful boon to HP fandom, [ profile] akatnamedeaster.

I've spent the evening drenched in Snape (no, not like THAT; I play for the other team), and the result is some recs for you. Hope you enjoy them.


Every Saint is an Accident by Anonymous (Severus/Petunia; NC-17)
I have a sneaking fondness for this pairing, especially when it's done like this, all twisted and bitter and painful and aching and yet with such vulnerability and need underneath, on both their parts. This version of Severus is rough, raw, and believable. Great world-building overall.

The Second Time Around by Anonymous (Severus, Eileen/OMC, Stubby Boardman; PG-13)
I really enjoy those stories that show Snape as a snarky Eeyore on one hand and a caring (in his Snapey way) human being on the other. And I'm completely sold on his prickly but loving relationship with his mother. Severus's voice is spot-on, as in his thoughts about why he never drinks: There wasn't a chance in hell that he'd be any more sweet-tempered drunk than Da was, and Merlin knew, he was a vicious enough bastard stone sober.


"And A Horrible Scene Met His Eyes. . ." by Anonymous (Harry; Severus/Argus; PG)
Remember that scene in PS where Harry sees Snape being treated by Filch for (we learn later) a bite from Fluffy? I've always thought that scene just drips with UST, and this hilarious art proves it. They have eyes only for each other. Be sure to watch the background long enough to spot Mrs Norris.

Snapebastian by Anonymous (Severus, the Dark Mark; PG-13 [though probably NWS])
This powerful piece envisions Severus as St. Sebastian, being shot not by arrows by by wands. You won't be able to look away from the expression on Snape's face.
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The Snowflake Challenge is back!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

I managed several days of contributions last year and enjoyed it thoroughly.

In between holiday running around, I've managed some quality time with the HP holiday fests, so here are a few recs. I'm sure you've seen several of them already, for quality will out!


From [info]hoggywartyxmas:

Secret Santa by Anonymous (Dumbledore, Snape; G)
A beautiful watercolor, rich in detail and character.

From [info]mini_fest:

Baby's First Christmas by Anonymous (Hagrid, Norbert; contains ferret death)
Just exactly the sort of gruesome tenderness you'd expect from Hagrid. The perfect picture of the joy of giving.

Under the Mistletoe by Anonymous (Minerva/Severus; R; NWS)
Hot and tender all at once.


From [info]hoggywartyxmas:

The True Story of the Hogwarts Pantomime Players by Anonymous (Filius, Horace, Charity, Albus and a Hogwarts cast of thousands; PG-13)
A witty and hilarious history of a Christmas panto, Hogwarts-style. As the author says, I hope you at least will enjoy the story. Heaven knows none of the protagonists did. The character voices are beautifully done.

As Long as You Love Me by Anonymous (Pomona Sprout/Alastor Moody; G)
Pomona and Alastor as Hogwarts students -- it's a pairing I'd never considered before, but it makes excellent sense. The characterizations are complex and believable; I found the whole fic thoughtful, moving, and tender.

From Kinky Kristmas at [info]daily_deviant:

A Cat for Christmas by Anonymous (Umbridge/Filch; NC-17)
I'm a sucker for this pairing, especially when it's as well-characterized as it is here.

More recs to come!
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[info]femslash_remix might be back for another round! Go fill out the poll here. Even if you can't write/draw for the fest, you can give permission for your femslash works to be remixed.

I'm a relative latecomer to remixing (didn't do my first until almost four years into HP fandom), but as a writer, I've found it a fascinating and challenging way to rethink characters and canon. As a reader, I'm really intrigued to see other writers' and artists' new take on a given story or art. And I find it a huge fannish treat when someone pays me the compliment of choosing to remix one of my fics.

So great fun is had all around.

And as long as I'm making a fannish post, check out these fun Minerva artworks:

The incomparable [ profile] kit466 offers Minerva and Neville, set after Neville returns to Hogwarts to teach.

From Whutnot comes Banned for Life, an illustration of the canon moment when Umbridge bans Harry and friends from playing Quidditch.

The talented Whutnot also gives us this delightful Quidditch Arguments, starring Minerva and Hooch.
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I've been very lucky in fandom lately, and I'd like to spread the wealth. Let me share some gifts with you:

[info]daily_deviant has been holding a birthday celebration in which participants could ask for gifts; I was brazen enough to ask for someone to write a continuation of one of my Minerva/Severus stories, That Good Night.

And the wonderful [ profile] mindabbles was kind enough to oblige me. She's written an excellent story,

Once a Good Morning (Minerva/Severus; NC-17),

that exactly captures the feeling and spirit of my original. Plus, hot sex!

• For the [info]hp_darkarts fest, I submitted the following prompt: In researching a mysterious magical disease, Poppy Pomfrey comes across a book of dark healing magic -- spells that will allow her to cure anyone who has a terminal disease or serious physical disability. At first everything works wonderfully. But Poppy gradually learns that for every cure she effects, the universe extracts some sort of payment. She never knows what the payment will be or who it will affect.

I was so pleased when someone chose this prompt, and I'm equally pleased with the resulting story, which was posted yesterday. Alternately chilling and humorous, this story,

Old History Between Us (Poppy, Grey Lady, Bloody Baron; PG-13),

is a great read. I'm a sucker for stories with inventive magic and clever plots, not to mention expert characterization, and this fic delivers them all.

• My [info]hp_beholder gift is an absolute winner:

Enough for Now (Minerva/Augusta, Amelia/Severus; R).

It's the sort of story I love best, one that combines love and tenderness with bittersweetness and angst and excellent characterization. Augusta is as well-presented as I've ever seen her, and you'll love her OC auntie.

I get the best presents.

This next fic wasn't specifically a gift for me, but it might as well have been:

• For the [info]hp_may_madness fest, the ever-delightful [ profile] alisanne wrote -- Minerva/Squid fic! Yes, you read that correctly. And it's believable, too (well, you know what I mean: If there was going to be a lake with a randy squid in it, and if Minerva were going interact with said squid, it could happen just like this!) Plus, bonus Snape!banter and Snape!voyeurism.

Check it out: Getting Squidy with It (Minerva/Squid, Severus; R)

• And while I'm talking about [info]hp_may_madness, check out this fun and cheeky art from [ profile] akatnamedeaster:

A Day at the Shore (Severus, Sirius-as-Padfoot; NWS [non-sexual nudity])

I love Padfoot's joyous gambol -- he looks just like my dog used to look when having fun outside.
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Sign-ups are open at [info]hp_beholder! Even if you can't write for any other fest this year, consider doing this one.

If you're new to my flist and aren't familiar with this fest, it's an older-character paradise, one of the very few in the Potterverse where you'll see more than one sign-up asking for an oldster. (Even the fests dedicated to rarepairs rarely include older folks -- look at the current [info]hprarefest, for instance -- over 200 prompts, and only two of them asked for older characters [one request for Poppy, one for Hooch]). So if you have any interest in characters who are often overlooked in fests due to age, size, or appearance, [info]hp_beholder is for you. The overall quality of the stories and art is very, very high.

Sign up here. Can't wait!

Calling All Reccers!
A lot of the categories at [info]crack_broom are low on reccers again. If you're interested in sharing your favorite fics with other readers, consider signing up. In addition to the usual-suspect pairings, you'll find categories for Gen, Femmeslash, Threesomes, and "Rarest Reccer" -- for those rarepairs that don't fit any other slot. You can also propose a "Featured Character" or "Featured Pairing" -- in the past, I've done Flitwick/open, McGonagall/Snape, McGonagall/open, and others. I just finished a femmeslash month and will be taking up "Gen" for February.

Art Recs
I'm completely behind on reading the stories at [info]snapecase, but I've been enjoying the art, of which there's been much. Check these out:

Into Darkness by Anonymous (Severus Snape, portrat!Albus Dumbledore; G)
Great execution and coloring, and it features smokin'!Snape (one of my favorite guilty pleasures). I love this.

Ingredients Collecting (Severus Snape; G)
The black-and-white palette suits this character perfectly; I love the composition and the muted chiaroscuro (if I can use that term with "muted").

Poison by Anonymous (Severus Snape; PG)
More smokin!Snape, yay! I like the minimalist graphics.
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Reveals have been posted at [info]deeply_horrible. What a grand fest it was -- over 40 entries. I was fascinated by the range of characters and genres and tones, from horror and angst and drama and dystopian futures to comedy, satire, and parody. Yet all of them presented a believable version of bastard!Snape.

I'll post my own story in a bit, but I wanted to squee one last time about a few of my fest favorites.

I won the "bronze medal" for guessing the creators of eight entries, but since six of those eight guesses were for art, I don't think they should really count. Art styles are easier to recognize than writing styles. The only stories I correctly guessed were by two of my favorite authors: [profile] atdelphi, who wrote the splendid A Turning Towards, and [personal profile] dueltastic, who wrote the equally-splendid A Virtuous Man.

But Duel also wrote another of my very favorites, and a story more different in tone and emphasis from "A Virtuous Man," it's hard to imagine. I never spotted you, Duel, you sly, versatile thing, you. Flisties, if you haven't read Bitter Going Down (Snape/Aberforth), hie you over there right now.

Romance of the Age, that biting, hilarious "Bright Young Things" parody, turns out to be by an author new to me, [ profile] o_mayari. But you can be sure I'll be scoping out all hir other fics.

I'll be adding creator names to my various rec posts soon.

Great fest, [ profile] verdeckt, my dear. Thank you!
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[info]hoggywartyxmas finished posting today, and the third incarnation of this fine fest has been just as wonderful as the first two. Since it would rather defeat the purpose of reccing if I listed every story in the fest, I'm restricting myself to only ten fics (plus bonus art), but rest assured that you can't go wrong with any of Hoggywarty works. (And the fest is a Minerva-lover's paradise, btw.)

I'll start with my excellent gift:

New Recs )

~ ~ ~ ~

Previous Recs )
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Today is the last day of posting at [info]deeply_horrible, and our dear, crafty Slytherin of a mod has saved three of the best entries of the fest for last.

Let me elaborate:

FIC -- The Demons by Anonymous [ profile] carolinelamb (Harry/Ginny, Harry/Snape, Voldemort/Ginny, Voldemort/Snape, Ron/Hermione (mentioned); NC-17)
This story is probably the best example of non-exploitive HP horror I've ever read. It's grim and explicit, yes, but the horror grows believably out of character and situation. It's a story as much about Ginny and the complexities of domestic abuse as it is about Severus, but when Severus appears, he's totally memorable. From a literary standpoint, this fic is beautifully written, structured, paced, and characterized. Hands-down one of the best entries in an already-fine fest.

FIC -- A Virtuous Man by Anonymous [personal profile] dueltastic (Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape; PG)
The morose and hilarious Snapian wit in this story is unsurpassed. The story is expertly-paced, just like the best comedy routines. Each section and line builds on the last, until the eventual overall effect of Snape's Eeyore-like world-view and the subtle perfection of his insults and the delicious ironies of manipulation (Snape's and others') fills you with palpable delight, as if you've just eaten the most complexly-flavorful and satisfying dessert you can imagine.

FIC/ART -- The Deeply Horrible One(s) by Anonymous [ profile] bvizen and [ profile] o_mayari (Severus Snape/Remus Lupin [though it need not be read as an actual pairing]; G)
I love good meta about our HP characters' reactions to fanfic, and this vignette is spot-on. The expressions on our men's faces are priceless.

Go enjoy! All three of these entries strike such different tones, yet each is perfectly suited to the theme of the fest.

[info]deeply_horrible reveals will take place next week. There will be a guessing game in the interim, but except for (most) of the art, I think I can recognize only two authors, even though I've read about 90% of the entries (I confess that I didn't get to all the SSHG and Snarry ones).

But I know I'll be fangirl-stalking quite a few of the authors/artists once reveals occur, because quite a few of these entries are among the best fanworks I've read/seen this year (well, in 2012). Just in case you missed my previous rec posts, let me sum up my favorites:

ART --
"The Little Prince" (Snape) -- recced here
"Look at Me" (Snape/Lily Evans) -- recced here

FIC --
"A Turning Towards" (Snape/Filch) -- recced here
"Bitter Going Down" (Snape/Aberforth Dumbledore) -- recced here
"Hrth'a'tet" (Snape, Bloody Baron, others) -- recced here
"Romance of the Age" (Snape and a cast of thousands) -- recced here
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[info]smutty_claus comes up trumps!

Normally, most of the pairings at [info]smutty_claus don't compel me; they usually focus on Trio-era teens. But today, we got a Severus Snape/Poppy Pomfrey fic -- and an excellent one at that.

Tit for Tat by Anonymous [ profile] flaminia_x (Severus Snape/Poppy Pomfrey; NC-17)
I've always enjoyed this pairing -- two sharp, unsentimental, highly-professional people who care deeply about all sorts of things. This fic uses an effective interweaving of past and present to show us the believable growth of a strong relationship between them. And there's hot, character-driven sex, too. (Well, it is Smutty_Claus, after all /g/).


I know most of you are already following [info]hoggywartyxmas, but just in case you aren't, be sure to check out these excellent artworks:

To Give is To Receive by Anonymous [ profile] shadowycat (Severus Snape/Minerva McGonagall; PG)
A wickedly arch title for a wickedly arch art. Severus gives Minerva a Christmas gift, and their mutually-expressive eyebrows tell you all you need to know about each character's opinion of the present.

Reflections in Liquid by Anonymous [ profile] cabepfir (Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Horace Slughorn; G)
A superb illustration for an equally superb story. Each character is epitomized by his/her drink. Everyone's expressions and hands are wonderfully revealing.

From [info]deeply_horrible:

Look at Me by Anonymous [ profile] john_n_mary (Severus Snape/Lily Evans; R)
A beautifully-rendered nightmare fantasy. Intricate and compelling, it's one of those works where you keep seeing new things every time you look.
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The first week of [info]deeply_horrible's "Bring Back the Bastard" fest has come to a close, and already it's proving to be a fest for the ages. Everything is worth reading/looking at. There's a sestina! (*\o/*) -- and other brilliant works as well. Snape's bastardy is well-served. Check these out:

-- ART -- The Little Prince by Anonymous [ profile] zarkir (NWS)
You won't be able to stop looking at this exquisitely arrogant, scrawny young Snape. "The Little Prince," ironically, indeed.

-- FIC -- A Turning Towards. . . by Anonymous [profile] atdelpi (Snape/Filch; R)
Only 1500 superbly-written words, yet it packs a memorable punch of emotion and expert characterization. Because of the trademark excellences, I'm fairly sure I've guessed the author. (But keep in mind, I'm usually wrong.)

-- FIC -- Romance of the Age by Anonymous [ profile] o_mayari (unrequited Regulus/Snape, others; R)
Absolutely brilliant. As I said in my review at the comm, this fic is a "stylistic and witty and bitterly satirical tour-de-force." Expertly channelling Evelyn Waugh, Nancy Mitford, and a bit of F. Scott Fitzgerald and others, the story casts the "pure-blood" wizarding world, plus their token Bit of Rough (aka Severus Snape) as the "Bright Young Things" of the 1920s.

No comment of mine can do this story justice; you'll have to read it to see all its many layers and ironies and clevernesses. It's entertaining and disturbing as hell. It presents the DEs as people for whom murder is more a means of avoiding boredom and inconvenience than it is a statement of (however unconscionable) philosophy. The story's indictment goes beyond the DEs, too, to include many self-absorbed members of the "pure-blood" upper-class (like Sirius and James). They're not as corrupt as the DEs, but the seeds are there. (And it's not just the upper-class to whom the satire can apply; I think the story targets complacency and privilege and apathy wherever they occur.)

And there's meta, too!

(I may have misread some of it, though. I thought the character of "Snidget" was supposed to be Narcissa Malfoy, but another reviewer referred to her as an OC. But I'll tell you what I'm not wrong about: the excellence of this story.)

My favorite joke: the source of Regulus's upper-class nickname ("the Sheik").
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It's a lovely weekend here again, so I'm trying to find ways not to do my work.

DeviantART is always a fine time-suck. Here, have a nice Portrait of Minerva McGonagall by Joonamooneye.

Also, I'm almost caught up on [info]hp_darkfest reading. Here are some of the stories I've found intriguing so far:

Two Horsemen by Anonymous (R)
An interesting poetic experiment with compelling imagery.

Innocent by Anonymous (Luna; R)
A well-written fic with a strong characterization of Luna.

Whistle, and I'll Come for You by Anonymous (Severus Snape/Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Albus Dumbledore, Voldemort; NC-17 [torture])
Another well-written, nicely-characterized story. It's disturbing in believable, thought-provoking ways.
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The reveals have been posted at [info]reversathon.

And I'm happy to report that, contrary to my usual total failure at guessing who wrote what, I actually was 100% correct in my fic choices this time, even the serious long shot. So, [ profile] inamac, [ profile] scarletladyy, [ profile] iulia_linnea, and [ profile] bethbethbeth, I spotted you! -- *preens* -- (I was also correct in my art guesses, but since art styles are pretty easy to identify, I take no credit.)

My lovely gift, Finding Closure, was written by the equally lovely [ profile] bethbethbeth (thank you, my dear!) and features Minerva/Severus and hints of Poppy/Hermione.

Another fest I've been following has also finished posting, though reveals won't happen for another week: [info]hp_fanart_fest. There was only one OLSB entry, but what a fun one it is. You may recall (although there's no reason you should) my squeeing over a Minerva/open prompt that called for a 1920s setting and a monocle. Well, that prompt yielded a fine piece of atmospheric Minerva/Severus art called Tonight You Belong To Me. It's one of those delightful works that's packed with fun things to see (Sev has a ponytail! Min has a feather!)

Other works from that fest that I enjoyed are Family Portrait (Walburga, Sirius, Regulus Black; G) and Please, Observe the Library Rules (Severus Snape/Regulus Black; R). Not really my pairing, but it's very cleverly drawn and it features the Hogwarts library.


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