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I've finally caught up with reading/viewing at the excellent [community profile] snapecase fest, and I must say, it's a feast of fine writing and art. I've never seen so many well-written, thoughtful examinations of Severus's childhood, youth, and relationships with his parents. I like stories in which Tobias and Eileen are presented with nuance and complexity, not just as cardboard abusers/victims. And we've got those fics in spades here.

Here are some of my favorites:


The Dark Half by Anonymous (Severus, Lily, Eileen, Tobias, Petunia; PG-13)
Eerie, atmospheric, and well-written, with sharp characterizations of Severus and Eileen. I like the presentation of Lily, too -- it believably picks up on the canon hints of her flaws, that touch of entitlement, of spoiled petulance that we can see in Lily when she is crossed.

Maternal Lamentation by Anonymous (Eileen, Severus, Lily, Petunia; G)
A fascinating look through Eileen's eyes at Severus's childhood relationship with Lily. Well-characterized and well-suited to canon.

With Nothing on My Tongue by Anonymous (Severus, Minerva, Albus, Lily; PG-13)
Heartbreaking in the best of ways; taut and moving, with expertly-crafted lines. The author says the story is an homage to Alan Rickman and Leonard Cohen, and zie combines both in the figure of a musical Severus. The last section is a killer. The title comes from my favorite Cohen song, "Hallelujah."

A Whiff of Cordite by Anonymous (Severus, Tobias, Eileen; PG-13)
Stellar writing and a totally intriguing conception of Tobias -- as a socialist whose ideas Severus is rebelling. Vivid imagery, razor-sharp characterizations, great lines. . .just a treat all around.


The New Teachers by Anonymous (Severus, Sybill Trelawney; G)
They make an interesting contrast: Snape distant and reserved, presented in cool monochrome; Sybill curious and wary, clutching her crystal ball like a talisman, her warmer colors making her seem more present. Yet the body language of both reveals important similarities between them.

A Boy by Anonymous (Severus; G)
This pic really captures my idea of "little boy Severus": solemn, wary, watchful, already with a frown of worry on his face.

Ouroboros by Anonymous (Severus; G)
Zen Snape! -- but of course. Love his graying hair.

For Enemies by Anonymous (Severus, rat)
Young Severus experiments with Sectumsempra. Disturbing and thought-provoking. (Warnings: animal death, blood)

One Day My Owl Will Come by Anonymous (Severus; G)
Young Severus waits for his Hogwarts letter. Beautifully rendered.


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