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I have finally finished my overdue [info]hoggywartyxmas fic and sent it off to the long-suffering mod.

So now I have a few free minutes to share with you some wonderful fannish treats. Lookee here:

1. Did I mention [info]hoggywartyxmas? One of my very favorite fests, and I'm just so grateful that it's running again, especially in this horrifying year. I need it, big time.

2. The fest fun has already started at

art by [profile] akatnamedeaster

All sorts of good stuff there, with the usual intriguing range of pairings and kinks.

3. PRESENTS FOR ME!! Two of my incredibly talented friends, [ profile] writcraft and [ profile] mywitch, have been kind enough to create gifts for me, and such is the joy of fandom that they can be your gifts, too. Seriously, if you like good writing and good art and good femmeslash, don't miss these:

From the Night Into the Morning by [ profile] writcraft

An evocative, thoughtful Minerva/Wilhelmina ficlet that stayed with me long after I read it. I gave Writ the prompt "Mood: Indigo," and she absolutely nailed it. This is "indigo" put into words.

McGonaHooch by [ profile] mywitch

A gorgeous, detailed black-and-white line drawing of McGonagall and Hooch sharing some holiday cheer. Mywitch manages to make them both smoking hot and almost demure at the same time. So much of what I love about these characters is packed into this delightful drawing.

While you're over at Writ's and Mywitch's LJs, check out their other holiday offerings. Both of them have generously offered to write and draw holiday gifts for their flists, and each day brings new delights. I have yet to see the pairing that Writ cannot write, and ditto Mywitch and her many artistic styles. You'll find an hilarious Winky/Dobby (seriously!) in comic-book style; a festive and hot Severus/Kingsley; a lovely 1920s version of Severus/Hermione, and more.

4. For a good, strong dose of holiday cheer, don't miss [info]mini_fest.

The fest opener is a total winner: Warm Christmas Magic, featuring a beautifully-drawn Minerva. Be prepared for a craving to develop once you've drunk in this delicious art.


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